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  • > 1,700 Publications since the founding of the CDAC in 2003.

  • > 6,811 The number of times the Top 10 CDAC publications have been cited.

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Top 10 Most Cited CDAC Papers Heading link

  1. Somayazulu, M., M. Ahart, A. K. Mishra, Z. M. Geballe, M. Baldini, Y. Meng, V. V. Struzhkin and R. J. Hemley, Evidence for Superconductivity Above 260 K in Lanthanum Superhydride at Megabar Pressures. Physical Review Letters 122, 027001 (2019). —866 citations.
  2. Ahart, M., M. Somayazulu, P. Dera, H.-k. Mao, R. E. Cohen, R. J. Hemley, R. Yang, H. P. Liermann, and Z. Wu, Origin of morphotropic phase boundaries in ferroelectrics. Nature 451, 545-548 (2008). —853 citations.
  3. Mao, W. L., H.-k. Mao, P. Eng, T. P. Trainor, M. Newville, C. C. Kao, D. Heinz, J. Shu, Y. Meng and R. J. Hemley, Bonding changes in compressed superhard graphite. Science 302, 425-427 (2003). —664 citations.
  4. Li, Q., Y. Ma, A. R. Oganov, H. Wang, H. Wang, Y. Xu, T. Cui, H.-k. Mao, and G. Zhou, Superhard monoclinic polymorph of carbon. Physical Review Letters 102, 175506 (2009). —568 citations.
  5. Liu, H., I. I. Naumov, R. Hoffmann, N. W. Ashcroft, and R. J. Hemley, Potential high-Tc superconducting lanthanum and yttrium hydrides at high pressure. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 114, 1704505114 (2017). —558 citations.
  6. Gregoryanz, E., C. Sanloup, M. Somayazulu, J. Badro, G. Fiquet, H.-k. Mao and R. J. Hemley, Synthesis and characterization of a binary noble metal nitride. Nature Materials 3, 294-297 (2004). —554 citations.
  7. Young, A. F., C. Sanloup, E. Gregoryanz, S. Scandolo, R. J. Hemley and H.-k. Mao, Synthesis of novel transition metal nitrides IrN2 and OsN2. Physical Review Letters 96, 155501 (2006). —550 citations.
  8. Angel, R., M. Bijak, J. Zhao, G. D. Gatta, and S. D. Jacobsen, Effective hydrostatic limits of pressure media for high-pressure crystallographic studies. Journal of Applied Crystallography 40, 26-32 (2007). —510 citations.
  9. Zhang, W., A. R. Oganov, A. F. Goncharov, Q. Zhu, S. E. Boulfelfel, A. O. Lyakhov, E. Stavrou, M. Somayazulu, V. B. Prakapenka, and Z. Konôpková, Unexpected stable stoichiometries of sodium chlorides. Science 342, 1502-1505 (2013). —446 citations.
  10. Struzhkin, V. V., B. Militzer, W. L. Mao, H.-k. Mao and R. J. Hemley, Hydrogen storage in clathrates. Chemical Reviews 107, 4133-4151 (2007). —403 citations.