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Join us on Wednesday afternoons for the CDAC Webinar Series, featuring speakers from the high pressure research community who discuss their work in an informal, online seminar format. The CDAC Webinar Series started in 2020, and we have hosted 78 sessions since the inception of the program. Recent sessions have been recorded and are available on the CDAC YouTube Channel.  To be added to the mailing list for seminar announcements, please contact the CDAC Coordinator

83.  3/22/2023 :  1:00 pm Central Time
Jason L. Baker
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

83.  2/8/2023 :  1:00 pm Central Time
Brent Fultz
California Institute of Technology
Origin of the Invar effect

82.  1/25/2023
Saniya LeBlanc
George Washington University
Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing of Thermoelectric Energy Conversion Materials

81.  1/11/2023
Kurt Leinenweber
Arizona State University
Science from the Multi-anvil Press: Past, Present, and Future

80.  12/7/2022
Samantha Couper
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Texture Evolution and Plasticity Modeling of High-Pressure Deformation Mechanisms in Earth Materials and Metals

79.  11/23/2022
Anna Olejniczak
Adam Mickiewicz University
High-Pressure Studies of High-Nitrogen Organic Compounds

78.  11/9/2022
Danna Freedman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bismuth Under Pressure

77.  10/26/22
Anthony Rollett
Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Carnegie-Mellon University
High Energy X-ray Microscopy Insights into Additive Manufacturing

76.  10/12/2022
Busheng Wang and Nisha Geng
University at Buffalo
Topological Electride Phase of Sodium at High Pressure and Temperatures  High-Temperature Superconductivity in XYB6C6 Systems

75.  9/14/2022
Jorge Muñoz
University of Texas-El Paso
Mechanical Instabilities in Fe and FeV at High Pressures and Temperatures

74.  8/31/2022
Timothy Jenkins
Army Research Laboratory
Aberdeen Proving Ground
Stereochemistry, Pressure, and Energetics

73.  8/3/2022
Joint Seminar With the NNSA/SSAA Center for Matter Under Extreme Conditions (CMEC)
Sebastien Hamel
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Phase Behavior of Water and Hydrocarbons at Planetary Extreme Conditions

72.  7/13/2022
Manuel Recio
University of Oviedo
Chemical Pressure and Physical Pressure: More Than Atomic Radii

71.  6/29/2022
Michael Armstrong
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ultrafast X-Ray Diffraction of the Pressure-Induced Graphite to Hexagonal Diamond Transition

70.  6/15/2022
Weiwei Xie
Rutgers University
Exploring Novel Quantum Materials From Chemistry Perspectives

69.  6/1/2022
Nilesh Salke
University of Illinois Chicago
Synthesis of Novel Materials at Ultrahigh Pressures

68.  5/18/2022
Tadashi Ogitsu
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Quantum Simulations of Matter Under Extreme (and Not So Extreme) Conditions

67.  4/20/2022
Amy  Hixon
University of Notre Dame
Overview of Research in the Actinide Center of Excellence

66.  4/6/2022
Joint Seminar With the NNSA/SSAA Center for Matter Under Extreme Conditions (CMEC)
Ryan Rygg
University of Rochester
Plasma Waves and the Compressibility of Warm Dense Hydrogen

65.  3/23/2022
Stefano Racioppi
University at Buffalo
Quantum Stabilization of Helium Intercalated A-Site Vacant Perovskites Under Pressure

64.  3/9/2022
Matthew Diamond
University of Illinois Chicago
Experimental Visualization of Electron Density Changes Across the High Pressure Fe(II) Spin Transition

63.  2/23/2022
Fatemeh Safari
Adam Mickiewicz University
Poznań, Poland
High Pressure Polymorphs Stabilized by Rational Doping Under Ambient Conditions

62.  2/9/2022
Pinwen Guan
Carnegie Mellon University
Computational Thermodynamics: Applications to Pressure-Electrochemical Synthesis of Superhydrides

61.  2/2/2022
Joint Seminar With the NNSA/SSAA Center for Matter Under Extreme Conditions (CMEC)
Debra Callahan
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Achieving a Burning and Igniting Plasma on the National Ignition Facility Laser

60.  1/26/2022
Richard Kraus
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Measuring the Melting Curve of Iron at Super-Earth Core Conditions

59.  12/15/2021
Maosheng Miao
California State University – Northridge
Toward a Universal Theory of the Structures of Elemental Metals

58.  12/1/2021
Joint Seminar With the NNSA/SSAAP Center for Matter Under Extreme Conditions (CMEC)
Annie Kersting
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LLNL:  Student, Postdoctoral and Faculty Research and Job Opportunities

57.  11/17/2021
Sergey Savrasov
University of California-Davis
Where to Find Good Conductors

56.  11/3/2021
Kim Budil, Director
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Innovation and Impact – Science at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

55.  10/19/2021
Jane Herriman
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Phonon Thermodynamics and Elastic Behavior of GaN and GaAs at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures

54.  10/6/2021
Gaia Righi
University of California, San Diego
Dynamic Failure in Laser Shock-Loaded Iron

53.  7/28/2021
Jorge Muñoz
University of Texas-El Paso
Electronic Structure and Dynamical Stability of the B2 Phase of Binary Iron and Titanium Alloys at High Pressure and Temperature

52.  7/21/2021
Janice Musfeldt
University of Tennessee
Novel Spectroscopy of Quantum Materials Under External Stimuli

51.  7/14/2021
Brian Maple
University of California-San Diego
Novel Electronic Phases and Competing Interactions in the Correlated f-Electron Compound URu2Si2

50.  7/7/2021
Dayne Fratanduono
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Establishing Gold and Platinum Standards at Terapascal Pressures

49.  6/30/2021
Paul Steinhardt
Princeton University
The Discovery of Quasicrystals Formed in the First Atomic Bomb Test and Other Extraordinary Circumstances

48.  6/23/2021
Sergey Budko
Ames Laboratory
Ferromagnetic Quantum Phase Transitions Under Pressure

47.  6/16/2021
Peter Pauzauskie
University of Washington / Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Synthesis and Laser Cooling of Point Defects at Gigapascal Pressures

46.  6/9/2021
Jung-Fu Lin
University of Texas at Austin
Transport Properties of Iron Alloys and the Geodynamo

45.  6/2/2021
Thomas Duffy
Princeton University
Dynamic Compression of Planetary Materials to Terapascal Pressures

44.  5/26/2021
Michael Hu
Advanced Photon Source
Mössbauer Isotope Probes of Condensed Matter

43.  5/19/2021
Wenli Bi
University of Alabama-Birmingham
Magnetic Studies Under High Pressure

42.  5/12/2021
Iskander Batyrev
Army Research Laboratory
Calculations of Energetic Materials and Extended Solids Under Pressure

41.  5/5/2021
Alison Altman / Alexandra Tamerius
Northwestern University
Computationally Directed Discovery of MoBi2 / Formation and Stability of Ni3Pb2

40.  4/28/2021
Ryan Klein
National Renewable Energy Laboratory/NIST Center for Neutron Research
Pressure-Induced Collapse of Magnetic Order in Jarosite

39.  4/21/2021
Patricia Kalita
Sandia National Laboratories
Hurry Up or Take Your Time:  Kinetics of Shock-Driven Phase Transitions and Dynamic X-Ray Diffraction

38.  4/14/2021
Przemyslaw Dera
University of Hawai’i at Monoa
Static Compression and Mechanicochemical Investigations of Structural Phase Changes and Chemical Reactions in Silicate and Oxide Minerals

37.  4/7/2021
Ronald Cohen
Carnegie Institution
Ferroelectricity in PbTiO3 at High Pressures?

36.  3/31/2021
Fei Wang
Northwestern University
Crystal Structure and Ordering of Hydrogen-Related Defects and Ferric Iron in High-Pressure Silicates of the Mantle Transition Zone

35.  3/24/2021
Dana Dlott
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Watching Solids and Liquids Through the Ultrafast Shock Compression Microscope

34.  3/17/2021
Yogesh Vohra
University of Alabama-Birmingham
Perspectives on Nanocrystalline and Toroidal Diamonds in Ultrahigh Pressure Materials Research

33.  3/10/2021
James Walsh
University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Experimentally Accessing Novel Structural and Magnetic Phases With Pressure

32.  3/3/2021
Joint Seminar With the NNSA/SSAA Center for Matter Under Extreme Conditions (CMEC)
Thomas Mattson
Sandia National Laboratories
Material Physics With Pulsed Power at Sandia

31.  2/24/2021
Shanti Deemyad
University of Utah
Symmetry Breaking Transitions in Light Alkalis Under Pressure

30.  2/10/2021
Brent Fultz
California Institute of Technology
Phonon Entropy at High Pressures and Temperatures

29.  2/3/2021
Maosheng Miao
California State University – Northridge
Novel Chemistry at High Pressures

28.  1/27/2021
Natalia Dubrovinskaia
University of Bayreuth
Chemistry at High Pressures Revealed by Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction

27.  1/13/2021
Roald Hoffmann
Cornell University
Looking for Conceptual Connections Between Bonding at 1 Atmosphere and Elevated Pressures

26.  1/6/2021
Reinhard Boehler
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Unsolved Phase Diagrams of Simple Materials

25.  12/16/2020
Tiange Bi
SUNY — University at Buffalo
To Superconduct or Not?  A Tale of Four Hydrides Under Pressure

24.  12/9/2020
Dan Sun
Los Alamos National Laboratory
High Pressure / High Magnetic Field Research at Los Alamos National Laboratory: Recent Studies of Hydride Superconductors

23.  12/2/2020
Amy Jenei
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Extending X-ray Diffraction Measurements to 20 MBar (2 TPa)

22.  11/18/2020
Michael Demkowicz
Texas A&M University
Solid State Interfaces and Their Effects on the Properties of Multiphase Metals

21.  11/4/2020
Elissaios Stavrou
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
The Quest for a Novel Periodic Table Under Pressure

20.  10/28/2020
Kierstin Daviau
Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology; Tauranga, New Zealand
Exploring the Stability of SiC at High Pressures and Temperatures

19.  10/21/2020
Bianca Haberl
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
High Pressure Neutron Scattering: Hydrides and Group IVa Materials

18.  10/14/2020
Chen Li
University of California, Riverside
Inelastic X-Ray Scattering Studies of Lattice Dynamics in 2D and Chiral Materials

17.  10/7/2020
Priscilla Rosa
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Strongly Correlated Materials Under Pressure

16.  9/30/2020
Martin Rahm
Chalmers University of Technology
van der Waals Radii of the Atoms Under Compression

15.  9/23/2020
Max Amsler
Cornell University
Rapid Assessment of High Pressure Phase Stability From High-Throughput DFT Calculations

14.  9/16/2020
Valery Levitas
Iowa State University
Plastic Strain-Induced Phase Transformations at High Pressure

13.  9/9/2020
Barbara Lavina
Advanced Photon Source, X-Ray Science Division
The Transformative Power of High Pressure Micro-Diffraction Techniques: New Examples

12.  8/26/2020
Elif Ertekin
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mechanical Properties of Shape Memory Alloys: Controlling Structural Transformations and Elastocaloric Response With Pressure

11.  8/19/2020
Daniel Haskel
X-Ray Science Division, Advanced Photon Source
Magnetism at High Pressures and Search for Quantum Liquids

10.  8/12/2020
Katerina Hilleke
University at Buffalo
Visualizing Atomic Sizes With Chemical Pressure

9.  7/29/2020
Susannah Dorfman
Michigan State University
Strength, Compressibility and Grain Size to Megabar Pressures

8.  7/22/2020
Ercan Alp
X-Ray Science Division, Advanced Photon Source
Mossbauer Resonance and High Pressure Science

7.  7/8/2020
Kanani Lee
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Reconciling Discrepant High Pressure Melting Curves

6.  7/1/2020
Lowell Miyagi
University of Utah
Deformation Mechanisms at Extreme Conditions

5.  6/17/2020
Jon Belof
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Phase Kinetics for Extreme Conditions at LLNL

4.  6/10/2020
Maik Lang
University of Tennessee
Structural Transformations at Extreme Conditions: Coupling High-Pressure Cells With Energetic Ion Beams

3.  6/3/2020
Sakun Dawal
Sandia National Laboratories
Shock Compression of Pre-Compressed H2-He Mixtures

2.  5/27/2020
Larissa Huston
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dynamic Compression of Titanium

1. 5/20/2020
Dmitry Popov
Advanced Photon Source
Current and Future Capabilities for Measurements of Material Properties Under Extreme Conditions at HPCAT