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I. Thermomechanical Extremes Heading link


Goal: To enhance understanding of materials in extreme conditions by advancing the evolving synergy between static, quasi-static, and dynamic compression techniques over a broad range of strain and strain rates in close synergy with theory, modeling, and simulation.


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II. Chemical and Material Extremes Heading link


Goal: To advance our understanding of extreme chemical and physical properties, including novel structure and bonding at high densities, extreme chemical reactivity, and exotic physical properties such as very high-temperature superconductivity and novel dielectric and magnetic phenomena.


1634.  Klein, R. A., J. P. S. Walsh, S. M. Clarke, Z. Liu, E. E. Alp, W. Bi, Y. Meng, A. B. Altman, P. Chow, Y. Xiao, M. R. Norman, J. M. Rondinelli, S. D. Jacobsen, D. Puggioni and D. E. Freedman, Pressure-Induced Collapse of Magnetic Order in Jarosite. Physical Review Letters 125, 077202 (2020). OSTI ID 1650655]

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III. Multiple Extremes Heading link


Goal: To advance our knowledge of the behavior of materials exposed to multiple extreme environments, including intense particle and electromagnetic fields, to enhance material performance and to create new materials.


1668.  Cureton, W. F., C. L. Tracy and M. Lang, Review of swift heavy ion irradiation effects in CeO2.  Quantum Beam Science 5, 19 (2021).  [OSTI ID 1813554]

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  1. Material Properties: Use of multiple techniques to characterize key properties materials in extreme environments.
  2. Targeted Materials: Investigating specific materials of fundamental and applied interest.
  3. Experiment and Theory: Enhancing synergies between experiment, theory, and simulation.
  4. Advanced Radiation Facilities: Extensive use of advanced synchrotron, neutron, laser, Z-pinch, and other facilities at DOE/SC and DOE/NNSA labs.