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CDAC Publications 2020

1632.  Schauries, D., B. Afra, P. Mota-Santiago, C. Trautmann, M. Lang, R. C. Ewing, N. Kirby and P. Kluth, Annealing of ion tracks in apatite under pressure characterized in-situ by small-angle x-ray scattering. Scientific Reports 10, 1367 (2020). [OSTI ID 1596795]

1633.  Borgschulte, A., J. Terreni, E. Billeter, L. Daemen, Y. Cheng, A. Pandey, Z. Łodziana, R. J. Hemley and A. J. Ramirez-Cuesta, Inelastic neutron scattering evidence for anomalous H-H distances in metal hydrides.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 117, 1912900117. [OSTI ID 1599880]

1634.  Klein, R. A., J. P. S. Walsh, S. M. Clarke, Z. Liu, E. E. Alp, W. Bi, Y. Meng, A. B. Altman, P. Chow, Y. Xiao, M. R. Norman, J. M. Rondinelli, S. D. Jacobsen, D. Puggioni and D. E. Freedman, Pressure-Induced Collapse of Magnetic Order in Jarosite. Physical Review Letters 125, 077202 (2020). [OSTI ID 1650655]

1635.  Chi, X., K. P. Hilleke, X. Wang, J. Lu, M. Zhang, E. Zurek, W. Li, D. Zhang, Y. Yan and T. Bi, RbB3Si3: An Alkali Metal Borosilicide That Is Metastable and Superconducting at 1 atm. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124, 14826-14831 (2020). [OSTI ID 1651131]

1636.  Hendrickson, A. T.. K. W. Hemawan, M. G. Coco, S. C. Aro, S. A. McDaniel, P. J. Sazio, G. Cook, J. V. Badding and R. J. Hemley, Diamond encapsulated silicon optical fibers synthesized by chemical vapor deposition.  AIP Advances 10, 095009 (2020). [OSTI ID 1657818]

1637.  Herriman, J.E. and B. Fultz, Phonon thermodynamics and elastic behavior of GaAs at high temperatures and pressures.  Physical Review B 101, 214108 (2020). [OSTI ID 1712427]

1638.  Bishop, J.L, W.F. Cureton, M.L. Crespillo, M. Koehler, Auxier II, J.D. and M. Lang, Radiation-Induced Modifications in Copper Oxide Growth.  Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 326, DOI: 10.1007/s10967-020-07486-x (2020). [OSTI ID 1724105]

1639.  Thompson, E.C., A.H. Davis, N.M. Brauser, Z. Liu, V.B. Prakapenka and A.J. Campbell, Phase Transitions in ε-FeOOH at high pressure and ambient temperature.  American Mineralogist 105, 1760-1777 (2020). [FIS] [OSTI ID 1736252]

1640.  Ke, F., L. Zhang, Y. Chen, K. Yin, C. Wang, Y.-K. Tzeng, Y. Lin, D. Dong, Z. Liu, J. S. Tse, W. L. Mao, J. Wu and B. Chen, Synthesis of Atomically Thin Hexagonal Diamond with Pressure.  ACS Nano Letters 20, 5916-5921 (2020). [FIS] [OSTI ID 1763434]

1641.  Jaffe, A., S. Mack, Y. Lin, W. L. Mao, J. B. Neaton and H. I. Karunadasa, High Compression-Induced Conductivity in a Layered Cu-Br Perovskite.  Angewandte Chemie – International Edition 59, 4017-4022 (2020). [FIS] [OSTI ID 1764060]

1642.  Ge, Y., F. Zhang, R. P. Dias, R. J. Hemley and Y. Yao. Hole-doped room temperature superconductivity in H3S1-xZx (Z = C, Si).  Materials Today Physics 15, 100300 (2020). [OSTI ID 1767058]

1643.  Clune, A., N. Harms, K. R. O’Neal, K. Hughey, K. A. Smith, D. Obeysekera, J. Haddock, N. S. Dalal, J. Yang, Z. Liu and J. L. Musfeldt, Developing the pressure-temperature-magnetic field phase diagram of multiferroic [(CH3)2NH2]Mn(HCOO)3.  Inorganic Chemistry 59, 10083-10090. [FIS] [OSTI ID 1767059]

1644. Harms, N. C., H.-S. Kim, A. J. Clune, K. A. Smith, K. R. O’Neal, A. V. Haglund, D. G. Mandrus, Z. Liu, K. Haule, D. Vanderbilt and J. L. Musfeldt, Piezochromism in the magnetic chalcogenide MnPS3NPJ Quantum Materials 5, 56 (2020). [FIS] [OSTI ID 1767060]

1645.  Lv, M., J. Liu, F. Zhu, J. Li, D. Zhang, Y. Xiao and S. M. Dorfman, Spin Transitions and Compressibility of ε-Fe7N3 and γ’-Fe4N: Implications for Iron Alloys in Terrestrial Planet Cores.  Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 124, DOI:10.1029/2020JB020660 (2020). [OSTI ID 1775105]

1646.  Hughey, K. D., N. C. Harms, K. R. O’Neal, A. J. Clune, J. C. Monroe, A. L. Blockmun, C. P. Landee, Z. Liu, M. Ozerov and J. L. Musfeldt, Spin-Lattice Coupling Across the Magnetic Quantum-Phase Transition in Copper-Containing Coordination Polymers.  Inorganic Chemistry 59, 2127-2135 (2020). [FIS]  [OSTI ID 1778248]

1647.  Ross, N. L., T. A. Detrie and Z. Liu, High-Pressure Raman and Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Prehnite.  Minerals 10, 312 (2020). [FIS]  [OSTI ID 1778250]

1648.  Nisr, C., H. Chen, K. Leinenweber, A. Chizmeshya, V. B. Prakapenka, C. Prescher, S. N. Tkachev, Y. Meng, Z. Liu and S.-H. Shim, Large H2O solubility in dense silica and its implications for the interiors of water-rich planets.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 117, 9747-9754 (2020). [FIS] [OSTI ID 1778252]

1649.  Chen, Q., A. Verrier, D. Ziat, A. J. Clune, R. Rouane, X. Bazier-Matte, G. Wang, S. Calder, K. M. Taddei, C. R. dela Cruz, A. I. Kolesnikov, J. Ma, J.-G. Chen, Z. Liu, J. A. Quilliam, J. L. Musfeldt, H. D. Zhou and A. A. Aczel, Realization of the orbital-selective Mott state at the molecular level in Ba3LaRu2O9Physical Review Materials 4, 064409 (2020). [FIS] [OSTI ID 1778253]

1650.  Stanislavchuk, T. N., G. L. Pascut, A. P. Litvinchuk, Z. Liu, S. Choi, M. J. Gutmann, B. Gao, K. Haule, V. Kiryukhin, S.-W. Cheong and A. A. Sirenko, Spectroscopic and first-principle DFT+eDMFT study of complex structural, electronic and vibrational properties of M2Mo3O8 (M = Fe, Mn) polar magnets.  Physical Review B 102, 115139 (2020). [FIS]  [OSTI ID 1690177]

1651.  Hwang, H., J. Choi, Z. Liu, D.-Y. Kim, Y. He, A. J. Celestian, T. Vogt and Y. Lee, Pressure-induced hydration and formation of bilayer ice in nacrite, a kaolin-group clay.  ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 4, 183-188 (2020). [OSTI ID 1785542] (FIS)

1652.  Zou, X., Z. Feng, L. Zhu, J. Xu, L. Miyagi, H. Dong, H. Sheng, Y. Wang, Q. Li, Y. Ma, H. Zhang, J. Yan, N. Tamura, M. Kunz, K. Lutker, T. Huang, D. A. Hughes, X. Huang and B. Chen, High-pressure strengthening in ultrafine-grained metals. Nature 579, 67-72 (2020). [OSTI ID 1785992]

1653.  Cai, W., W. Lin, Y. Yan, K. P. Hilleke, J. Coles, J.-K. Bao, J. Xu, D. Zhang, M. G. Kanatzidis, E. Zurek and S. Deemyad, Pressure-induced superconductivity in the wide-band-gap semiconductor Cu2Br2Se6 with a robust framework. Chemistry of Materials 32, 6237-6246 (2020). [OSTI ID 1797303]

1654.  Immoor, J., H. Marquardt, L. Miyagi, S. Speziale, S. Merkel, I. Schwark, A. Ehnes and H.-P. Liermann, An improved setup for radial diffraction experiments at high pressures and temperatures in a resistive graphite-heated diamond anvil cell. Review of Scientific Instruments 91, 045121 (2020). [OSTI ID 1824202]

1655.  Cheng, X., J. Guan, L. Jiang, H. Zhang, P. Wang, A. O. Adeniyi, Y. Yao, L. Su and Y. Song, Pressure-induced structural transformations and new polymorphs in BiVO4Physical Chemistry – Chemical Physics 22, 10238-10246 (2020).  [OSTI ID 1830375]