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CDAC Publications 2019

1608. Somayazulu, M., M. Ahart, A. K. Mishra, Z. M. Geballe, M. Baldini, Y. Meng, V. V. Struzhkin and R. J. Hemley,  Evidence for Superconductivity Above 260 K in Lanthanum Superhydride at Megabar Pressures. Physical Review Letters 122, 027001 (2019). [OSTI ID 1581177]

1609. Zurek, E., and T. Bi,  High-Temperature Superconductivity in Alkaline and Rare Earth Polyhydrides: A Theoretical Perspective. Journal of Chemical Physics 150, 050901 (2019).  [OSTI ID 1545801]

1610.  Lazarz, J. D., P. Dera, Y. Hu, Y. Meng, C. R. Bina and S. D. Jacobsen, High-pressure phase transitions of clinoenstatite.  American Mineralogist 104, 897-904 (2019). [OSTI ID 1599855]

1611. Bi, T. and E. Zurek, “The Search for Superconductivity in High Pressure Hydrides.” In Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Engineering: Elsevier (2019).

1612.  Zurek, E.,  “Pushing Towards Room-Temperature Superconductivity.” Physics 12, 1 (2019).

1613.  Murialdo, M., N. J. Weadock, Y. Liu, C. C. Ahn, S. E Baker, K. Landskron and B. Fultz, High-Pressure Hydrogen Adsorption on a Porous Electron-Rich Covalent Organonitridic Framework.  ACS Omega 4, 444-448 (2019).

1614.  Walsh, J. P. S., S. M. Clarke, D. Puggioni, A. D. Tamerius, Y. Meng, J. M. Rondinelli, S. D. Jacobsen and D. E. Freedman, MnBi2:  A Metastable High-Pressure Phase in the Mn-Bi System.  Chemistry of Materials 31, 3083-3088 (2019). [OSTI ID 1599891]

1615. Palomares, R. I., M. T. McDonnell, L. Yang, T. Yao, J. E. S. Szymanowski, J. Neuefeind, G. E. Sigmon, J. Lian, M. G. Tucker, B. D. Wirth and M. Lang, Oxygen point defect accumulation in single-phase UO2+xPhysical Review Materials 3, 053611 (2019). [OSTI ID 1581186]

1616.  Bassett, W. P., B. P. Johnson and D. D. Dlott, Dynamic absorption in optical pyrometry of hot spots in plastic-bonded triaminotrinitrobenzene. Applied Physics Letters 114, 194101 (2019).

1617.  Clarke, S. M., K. M. Powderly, J. P. S. Walsh, T. Yu, Y. Wang, Y. Meng, S. D. Jacobsen and D. E. Freedman, Controlling Dimensionality in the Ni-Bi System With Pressure.  Chemistry of Materials 31, 955-959 (2019). [OSTI ID 1599886]

1618.  Liu, X., X. Chen, D. J. Singh, R. A. Stern, J. Wu, S. Petitgirard, C. R. Bina and S. D. Jacobsen, Boron-oxygen complex yields n-type surface layer in semiconducting diamond.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116, 7703-7711 (2019). [OSTI ID 1599893]

1619.  Cureton, W. F., R. I. Palomares, C. L. Tracy, E. C. O’Quinn, J. Walters, M. Zdorovets, R. C. Ewing, M. Toulemonde and M. Lang, Effects of irradiation temperature on the response of CeO2, ThO2 and UO2 to highly ionizing radiation.  Journal of Nuclear Materials 525, 83-91 (2019). [OSTI ID 1559294]

1620.  Thimont, M. and S. LeBlanc, The impact of thermoelectric leg geometries on thermal resistance and power output.  Journal of Applied Physics 126, 095101 (2019).  [OSTI ID 1566136]

1621.  Wenz, M.D., S.D. Jacobsen, D. Zhang, M. Regier, H.J. Bausch, P. Dera, M. Rivers, P. Eng, S.B. Shirey and D.G. Pearson, Fast identification of mineral inclusions in diamond at GSECARS using synchrotron X-ray microtomography, radiography and diffraction.  Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 26, 1763-1768 (2019). [OSTI 1574022]

1622. (FIS) Liu, S., H. Zhang, S. Ghose, M. Balasubramanian, Z. Liu, S.G. Wang, Y.-S. Chen, B. Gao, J. Kim, S.-W. Cheong and T.A. Tyson, Nature of the structural symmetries associated with hybrid improper ferroelectricity in Ca3X2O7 (X = Mn and Ti).  Physical Review B 99, 224105 (2019).

1623.  Arveson, S. M, Y. Meng, J. Lee and K. K. M. Lee, High-pressure melting curve of sulfur up to 65 GPa. Physical Review B 100, 054106 (2019).          [OSTI ID 1581182]

1624.  Daviau, K., Y. Meng and K. K. M. Lee, SiO2-SiC Mixtures at High Pressures and Temperatures: Implications for Planetary Bodies Containing SiC. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 124, 2294-2305 (2019). [OSTI ID 1581181]

1625.  (FIS)  Ke, F., Y. Chen, K. Yin, J. Yan, H. Zhang, Z. Liu, J. S. Tse, J. Wu, H.-k. Mao and B. Chen, Large bandgap of pressurized trilayer graphene. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116, 9186-9190 (2019).

1626. (FIS)  Zhang, J., Y. Sorb, H. Deng, H. Xiao, B. Chen, R. Sereika, X. Yin, C. Yi, D. Yan, Y. Shi, Z. Liu, C. Chen, J. Chang, Y. Ding and H.-k. Mao,  Lattice frustration in spin-orbit Mott insulator Sr3Ir2O7 at high pressure, NPJ Quantum Materials4, 23 (2019).

1627.  (FIS)  Wang, Q. H. Gou, L. Zhu, H. Huang, A. Biswas, B. Chaloux, A. Epshteyn, J. Yesinowski, Z. Liu, G. Cody, M. Ma, Z. Zhao, Y. Fei, C. Prescher, E. Greenberg, V. Prakapenka and T. A. Strobel, Modifying Carbon Nitride through Extreme Phosphorus Substitution.  ACS Materials Letters 1, 14-19 (2019).

1628.  (FIS)  Zhang H., Q. Li, F. Wang, R. Liu, Y. Mao, Z. Liu, X. Li, K. Yang, T. Cui and B. Liu, Pressure-Induced Reversible Phase Transitions in a New Metastable Phase of Vanadium Dioxide.  Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123, 955-962 (2019).

1629.  Klein, R. A., A. B. Altman, R. J. Saballos, J. P. S. Walsh, A. D. Tamerius, Y. Meng, D. Puggioni, S. D. Jacobsen, J. M. Rondinelli and D. E. Freedman, “High pressure synthesis of the BiVO3 perovskite.” Physical Review Materials 3, 064411 (2019). [OSTI ID 1594979]

1630.  Hu, Y., B. Kieffer, A. Plonka, J. B. Parise, J. S. Zhang, M. H. Manghnani, B. N. Sahu and P. K. Dera, “Compressional behavior of end-member and aluminous iron-bearing diopside at high pressure from single-crystal X-ray diffraction and first principles.” Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 46, 977-986.

1631.  Jackson, M. D.. S. Couper, C. V. Stan, M. Ivarsson, M. W. Czabaj, N. Tamura, D. Parkinson, L. M. Miyagi and J. G. Moore, Authigenic mineral texture in submarine 1979 basalt drill core, Surtsey Volcano, Iceland. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 20, 3751-3773 (2021).