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Cross-cutting Themes

Four Cross-cutting Themes that link the Center:

(a) Material Properties: Heading link

Use of multiple techniques to characterize key properties materials in extreme environments.


1634.  Klein, R. A., J. P. S. Walsh, S. M. Clarke, Z. Liu, E. E. Alp, W. Bi, Y. Meng, A. B. Altman, P. Chow, Y. Xiao, M. R. Norman, J. M. Rondinelli, S. D. Jacobsen, D. Puggioni and D. E. Freedman, Pressure-Induced Collapse of Magnetic Order in Jarosite. Physical Review Letters 125, 077202 (2020). [OSTI ID 1650655]

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1693.  Dorfman, S. M., S. Najiba, B. Arroyo, S. Theuer, M. Lv and B. L. Brugman, Control of deviatoric stress in the diamond anvil cell through thermal expansion mismatch stress in thin films.  Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 49, 16 (2022). [OSTI ID 1867017]

Lim, J., S. Sinha, A. C. Hire, J. S. Kim, P. M. Dee, R. S. Kumar, D. Popov, R. J. Hemley, R. G. Hennig, P. J. Hirschfeld, G. R. Stewart, and J. J. Hamlin, Suppression of superconductivity in Nb-substituted MoB2 at high pressure.  Physical Review B, in press.

Deng, L. Z., M. Gooch, H. X. Liu, N. P. Salke, T. Bontke, S. Shao, J. Y. You, D. J. Schulze, R. Kumar, J. X. Yin, R. J. Hemley, Y. P. Feng, G. Shang, Q. M. Si, and C. W. Chu, Effect of Fermi surface topology change on the superconducting state of the Kagomé superconductor CeRu2 under pressure.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, submitted.

(b) Targeted Materials: Heading link

Investigating specific materials of fundamental and applied interest.


1657.  Geballe, Z. M.M. Somayazulu, N. Armanet, A. K. Mishra, M. Ahart and R. J. Hemley, Synthesis and thermodynamic stability of PdH1±ε up to 8 GPa.  Physical Review B 103, 024515 (2021). [OSTI ID 1766801]

1677.  Brugman, B. L., F. Lin, M. Lv, C. Kenney-BensonD. Popov, L. Miyagi and S. M. Dorfman, Strength, deformation and equation of state of tungsten carbide to 66 GPa.  Acta Materialia 220, 117301 (2021)[OSTI ID 1830374]

1684.  Zhang, Y.,  K. Luo, M. Hou, P. Driscoll, N. P. Salke, J. Minár, V. B. Prakapenka, E. Greenberg, R. J. Hemley, R. E. Cohen, and J.-F. Lin, Thermal conductivity of Fe-Si alloys and thermal stratification in Earth’s core.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 119, e2119001119 (2022). [OSTI ID 1839070]

1699.  Huston, L., S. C. Couper, M. Jacobsen, E. K. Moss, L. Miyagi, J. S. Smith, N. Velisavljevic and B. T. Sturtevant, Yield strength of CeO2 measured from static compression in a radial diamond anvil cell.  Journal of Applied Physics 132, 115901 (2022). [OSTI ID 1888569]

Duwal, S., R. C. Clay III, M. D. Knudson, J. Boerner, K. Cochrane, J. Usher, D. Dolan, B. Farfan, C. de La Cruz, J. Banasek, C. T. Seagle, R. Hacking, S. Payne, C. ZollerM. Ahart, and R. J. Hemley, Extreme compression of planetary gases: High-accuracy pressure-density measurements of hydrogen-helium mixtures above 4-fold compression. Physical Review Letters, submitted.

Clark, A.N., J.M.D. Lane, J.P. Davis, A.R. Sarafian, K.R. Cochrane, J.P. Townsend and S.D. Jacobsen. Shock-ramp of SiO2 melt. Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, in press.

(c) Experiment and Theory: Heading link

Enhancing synergies between experiment, theory, and simulation.


1671.  Sweeney, C. M., B. Sturtevant, C. M. Biwer, C. A. Bolme, R. C. Huber, L. Q. Huston, E. McBride, L. Miyagi, C. Prescher, K. J. Ramos, J. Smith and T. Turton, Data Science and Computation for Rapid and Dynamic Compression Workflows at Experimental Facilities. Workshop Report LA-UR-20-27469, Los Alamos National Laboratory (2021). [LINK]

1682.  Altman, A.A. Tamerius, N. Koocher, Y. Meng, C. Pickard, J. P. S. Walsh, J. Rondinelli, S. D. Jacobsen, and D. Freedman, Computationally directed discovery of MoBi2.  Journal of the American Chemical Society 143, 214-222 (2021).

1706.   Lim, J., A. C. Hire, Y. Quan, J. S. Kim, S. R. Xie, S. Sinha, R. S. Kumar, D. Popov, C. Park, R. J. Hemley, Y. K. Vohra, J. J. Hamlin, R. G. Hennig, P. J. Hirschfeld, and G. R. Stewart, Creating superconductivity in WB2 through pressure-induced metastable planar defects.  Nature Communications 13, 7901 (2022). [OSTI ID 1906641]

Wang, B., K. P. Hilleke, S. Hajinazar, G. Frapper, and E. Zurek, Structurally constrained evolutionary algorithm for the discovery and design of metastable phases. arXiv: 2306.01873.

(d) Advanced Radiation Facilities: Heading link

Extensive use of advanced synchrotron, neutron, laser, Z-pinch, and other facilities at DOE/SC and DOE/NNSA labs.


1683.  Kraus, R. G., R. J. Hemley, S. J. Ali, J. L. Belof, L. X. Benedict, J. Bernier, D. Braun, R. E. Cohen, G. W. Collins, F. Copari, M. P. Desjarlais, D. Fratanduono, S. Hamel, A. Krygier, A. Lazicki, J. McNaney, M. Millot, P. C. Myint, M. G. Newman, J. R. Rygg, D. M. Sterbentz, S. T. Stewart, L. Stixrude, D. C. Swift, C. Wehrenberg, and J. H. Eggert, Measuring the melting curve of iron at super-Earth core conditions.  Science 375, 202-205 (2022). [OSTI ID 1840054]

1703.  Overstreet, C., J. Cooper, E. O’Quinn, W. Cureton, R. Palomares, J. Leys, G. Deissmann, S. Neumeier, C. Chen, and M. Lang, Structural stability of REE-PO4 (REE=Sm,Tb) under swift heavy ion irradiation. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 527, 34-39 (2022). [OSTI ID 1901277]