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CDAC Publications 2015

1373.  Tracy, C. L., M. Lang, J. M. Pray, F. Zhang, D. Popov, C. Park, C. Trautmann, M. Bender, D. Severin, V. A. Skuratov and R. C. Ewing, Redox response of actinide materials to highly ionizing radiation.  Nature Communications 6, 6133 (2015).

1374.  Fitzgibbons, T. C., M. Guthrie, E. S. Xu, V. H. Crespi, S. K. Davidowski, G. D. Cody, N. Alem, and J. V. Badding, Benzene-derived carbon nanothreads.  Nature Materials 14, 43-47 (20115).

1375.  Sun, Y., L. Wang, Y. Liu, and Y. Ren, Birnessite-type MnO2 nanosheets with layered structurs under high pressure: Elimination of crystalline stacking faults and oriented laminar assembly.  Small 11, 300-305 (2015).

1376.  Foroozani, N., J. Lim, G. Fabbris, P. F. S. Rosa, Z. Fizk, and J. S. Schilling, Suppression of dense Kondo state in CeB6 under pressure.  Physica B 457, 12-16 (2015).

1377.  Kim, D. Y., S. Stefanoski, O. O. Kurakevych, and T. A. Strobel, Synthesis of an open-framework allotrope of ​silicon.  Nature Materials 14, 169-173 (2015).

1378.  Dong, Z. and Y. Song, Size and morphology dependent structural transformations in anatase TiO2 nanowires under high pressures. Canadian Journal of Chemistry 93, 165-172 (2015).

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1380. (FIS)  Boulard, E., D. Pan, G. Galli, Z. Liu, and W. L. Mao, Tetrahedrally coordinated carbonates in Earth’s lower mantle.  Nature Communications 6, 6311 (2015).

1381.  Nakajima, Y., R. Wang, T. Metz, X. Wang, L. Wang, H. Cynn, S. T. Weir, J. R. Jeffries, and J. Paglione, High-temperature superconductivity stabilized by electride-hole interband coupling in collapsed tetragonal phase of KFe2As2 under high pressure. Physical Review B 91, 060508(R) (2015).

1382.  Haberl, B., M. Guthrie, S. V. Sinogeikin, G. Shen, J. S. Williams, and J. E. Bradby, Thermal evolution of the metastable r8 and bc8 polymorphs of silicon.  High Pressure Research 35, 99-116 (2015).

1383.  Goncharov, A. F., S. S. Lobanov, X. Tan, G. T. Hohensee, D. G. Cahill, J.-F. Lin, S.-M. Thomas, T. Okuchi, and N. Tomioka, Experimental study of thermal conductivity at higher pressures: Implications for the deep Earth’s interior.  Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 247, 11-16 (2015).

1384.  Kaercher, P., E. Zepeda-Alarcon, V. Prakapenka, S. V. Sinogeikin, W. Kanitpanyacharoen, and H.-R. Wenk, Preferred orientation in experimentally deformed stishovite: implications for deformation mechanisms. Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 42, 275-285 (2015).

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1389.  Li, Y. L., S. N. Wang, A. R. Oganov, H. Guo, J. S. Smith, and T. A. Strobel, Investigation of exotic stable calcium carbides using theory and experiment. Nature Communications 6, 6974 (2015).

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1392.  Jeffries, J. R., N. P. Butch, Y. Vohra, and S. T. Weir, Pressure evolution of electrical transport in the 3D topological insulator (Bi,Sb)2(Se,Te)3. Journal of Physics : Conference Series 592, 012124 (2015).

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1402.  Schaeffer, A. M., W. Cai, E. Olejnik, J. J. Molaison, S. Sinogeikin, A. M. Dos Santos, and S. Deemyad, Boundaries for martensitic transition of 7Li under pressure.  Nature Communications 6, 8030 (2015).

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