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CDAC Publications 2022

1682.  Kraus, R. G., R. J. Hemley, S. J. Ali, J. L. Belof, L. X. Benedict, J. Bernier, D. Braun, R. E. Cohen, G. W. Collins, F. Copari, M. P. Desjarlais, D. Fratanduono, S. Hamel, A. Krygier, A. Lazicki, J. McNaney, M. Millot, P. C. Myint, M. G. Newman, J. R. Rygg, D. M. Sterbentz, S. T. Stewart, L. Stixrude, D. C. Swift, C. Wehrenberg, and J. H. Eggert, Measuring the melting curve of iron at super-Earth core conditions.  Science 375, 202-205 (2022). [OSTI ID 1840054]

1683.  Zhang, Y.,  K. Luo, M. Hou, P. Driscoll, N. P. Salke, J. Minár, V. B. Prakapenka, E. Greenberg, R. J. Hemley, R. E. Cohen, and J.-F. Lin, Thermal conductivity of Fe-Si alloys and thermal stratification in Earth’s core.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 119, e2119001119 (2022). [OSTI ID 1839070]

1684.  Perreault, C., L. Q. Huston, K. Burrage, S. C. Couper, L. Miyagi, E. K. Moss, J. S. Pigott, J. S. Smith, N. Velisavljevic, Y. Vohra, and B. T. Sturdevant, Strength of tantalum to 276 GPa determined by two x-ray diffraction techniques using diamond anvil cells. Journal of Applied Physics 131, 015905 (2022). [OSTI ID 1843424]

1685.  Hilleke, K. P., and E. Zurek, Tuning chemical precompression: Theoretical design and crystal chemistry of novel hydrides in the quest for warm and light superconductivity at ambient pressures.  Journal of Applied Physics 131, 070901 (2022). [OSTI ID 1845706]

1686.  Grockowiak, A. D., M. Ahart, T. Helm, W. A. Coniglio, R. Kumar, M. Somayazulu, Y. Meng, M. Oliff, V. Williams, N. W. Ashcroft, R. J. Hemley, and S. W. Tozer, Hot hydride superconductivity above 500 K.  Frontiers in Electronic Materials: Superconductivity 2, 837561 (2022). [OSTI ID 1862863]

1687.  Boeri, L., R. Hennig, P. Hirschfeld, G. Profeta, A. Sanna, E. Zurek, W. E. Pickett, M. Amsler, R, Dias, M. I. Eremets, C. Heil, R. J. Hemley, H. Liu, Y. Ma, C. Pierloni, A. N. Kolmogorov, N. Rybin, D. Novoselov, V. Anisimov, A. R. Oganov, C. J. Pickard, T. Bi, R. Arita, I. Errea, C. Pellegrini, R. Requist, E.K.U. Gross, E. R. Margine, S. R. Xie, Y. Quan, A. Hire, L. Fanfarillo, G. R. Stewart, J. J. Hamlin, V. Stanev, R. S. Gonnelli, E. Piatti, D. Romanin, D. Daghero and R. Valenti, The 2021 Room-Temperature Superconductivity Roadmap.  Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 34, 183002 (2022). [OSTI ID 1862988]

1688.  Mark, A. C., J. C.  Campuzano, and R. J. Hemley, Progress and prospects for cuprate high temperature superconductors under pressure.  High Pressure Research 42, DOI:10.1080/08957959.2022.2059366 (2022). [OSTI ID 1863831]

1689.  Matsuoka, T., A. Haglund, R. Xue, J. S. Smith, M. Lang, A. M. dos Santos and D. Mandrus, Pressure-induced insulator-metal transition in two-dimensional Mott insulator NiPS3. Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 90, 124706 (2022). [OSTI ID 1863832]

1690.   Wang, X., T. Bi, K. P. Hilleke, A. Lamichhane, R. J. Hemley and E. Zurek, Dilute carbon in H3S under pressure. NPJ Computational Materials 8, 87 (2022). [OSTI ID 1865713]

1691.  Guan, P.-W., Y. Sun, R. J. Hemley, H. Liu, Y. Ma, and V. Viswanathan, Low-pressure electrochemical synthesis of complex high-pressure superconducting superhydrides. Physical Review Letters 128, 186001 (2022). [OSTI ID 1866822]

1692.  Dorfman, S. M., S. Najiba, B. Arroyo, S. Theuer, M. Lv and B. L. Brugman, Control of deviatoric stress in the diamond anvil cell through thermal expansion mismatch stress in thin films.  Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 49, 16 (2022). [OSTI ID 1867017]

1693.  Hilleke, K. P., T. Bi and E. Zurek, Materials under high pressure:  A chemical perspective. Applied Physics A 128, 441 (2022). [OSTI ID 1867018]

1694.  Matheu, R., F. Ke, A. Breidenbach, N. R. Wolf, Y. Lee, Z. Liu, L. Leppert, Y. Lin and H. I. Karunadasa, Charge reservoirs in an expanded halide perovskite analog: Enhancing high-pressure conductivity through redox-active molecules. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 61, e202202911 (2022) (FIS). [OSTI ID 1874374]

1695.  Diamond, M. R., G. Shen, D. Y. Popov, C. Park, S. D. Jacobsen and R. Jeanloz, Electron density change across the pressure-induced iron spin transition.  Physical Review Letters 129, 025701 (2022). [OSTI ID 1881472]

1696. Harms, N.C., T. Matsuoka, S. Samanta, A. J. Clune, K. A. Smith, A. V. Haglund, E. Feng, H. Cao, J. S. Smith, D. G. Mandrus, H.-S. Kim, Z. Liu and J. L. Musfeldt, Symmetry progression and possible polar metallicity in NiPS3 under pressure. NPJ 2D Materials and Applications 6, 40 (2022). [OSTI ID 1881964]

1697. Harms, N.C., K. A. Smith, A. V. Haglund, D. G. Mandrus, Z. Liu, Z., H.-S. Kim and J. L. Musfeldt, Metal site substitution and role of the dimer on symmetry breaking in FePS3 and CrPS4 under pressure. ACS Applied Electronic Materials 4, 3246-3255 (2022). [OSTI ID 1881965]

1698.  Huston, L., S. C. Couper, M. Jacobsen, E. K. Moss, L. Miyagi, J. S. Smith, N. Velisavljevic and B. T. Sturdevant, Yield strength of CeO2 measured from static compression in a radial diamond anvil cell.  Journal of Applied Physics 132, 115901 (2022). [OSTI ID 1888569]

1699.  Zhong, X. Y. S., T. Iitaka, M. Xu, H. Liu, R. J. Hemley, C. Chen, and Y. Ma,  Prediction of above-room-temperature superconductivity in lanthanide/actinide extreme superhydrides. Journal of the American Chemical Society 144, 13394-13400 (2022). [OSTI ID 1890260]

1700.  Song, X., C. Liu, Q. Li, R. J. Hemley, Y. Ma, and C. Chen, Stress-induced high-Tc superconductivity in solid molecular hydrogen. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 119, e2122691119 (2022).

1701.  Shargh, A. K., A. Picard, R. Hrubiak, D. Zhang, R. J. Hemley, S. Deemyad, N. Abdolrahim, and S. Saffarian, Co-existence of vitreous and crystalline phases of H2O at ambient temperature.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 119, e2117281119 (2022).

1702.  Overstreet, C., J. Cooper, E. O’Quinn, W. Cureton, R. Palomares, J. Leys, G. Deissmann, S. Neumeier, C. Chen, and M. Lang, Structural stability of REE-PO4 (REE=Sm,Tb) under swift heavy ion irradiation. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 527, 34-39 (2022). [OSTI ID 1901277]

1703.  Hilleke, K. P. and E. Zurek, Rational design of superconducting metal hydrides via chemical pressure tuning.  Angewandte Chemie International Edition 61, e202207589 (2022). [OSTI ID 1901411]

1704.  Hilleke, K. P. and E. Zurek, Crystal chemistry at high pressure. Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering: Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry III ; DOI:10.1016/B978-0-12-823144-9.00170-9. Elsevier, 2022. [OSTI ID 1903294]

1705.   Lim, J., A. C. Hire, Y. Quan, J. S. Kim, S. R. Xie, S. Sinha, R. S. Kumar, D. Popov, C. Park, R. J. Hemley, Y. K. Vohra, J. J. Hamlin, R. G. Hennig, P. J. Hirschfeld, and G. R. Stewart, Creating superconductivity in WB2 through pressure-induced metastable planar defects.  Nature Communications 13, 7901 (2022). [OSTI ID 1906641]