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CDAC Academic Collaborators Heading link

Andrew Campbell, University of Chicago
Phase transitions in e-FeOOH
Students :  Elizabeth Thompson, Anne Davis

Andrew Cornelius, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Pressure induced structural transitions in heavy fermion systems
Students :  Melanie White, Vahe Mrktchyan, Brian Light

C.W. (Paul) Chu, University of Houston
High-pressure x-ray diffraction of cuprate superconductors; single-crystal diffraction of Ge
UIC Student Collaborator :  Alexander Mark

James Hamlin, University of Florida
Studies of low-Z superconductors
Students/Postdocs : J. Lim, Ajinkya Hire 

Janice Musfeldt, University of Tennessee
Electronic and magnetic properties of materials at high pressures
Students :  Amanda Clune, Kevin Smith, Nathan Harms

Ryan Klein, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Collapse of magnetic order in Jarosite

Shanti Deemyad, University of Utah
High pressure studies of topological insulators
Students :  Tushar Bhowmick, Tessa McNamee, Moira Hicks

Valery Levitas, Iowa State University
Studies of shear deformation
Students/postdocs :  Sorb Yesudhas, Feng Lin.

DOE/NNSA Laboratory Collaborations Heading link

Sakun Duwal (SNL) – Charlie Zoller, Muhtar Ahart, Russell Hemley:  EOS of H2-He mixtures

Blake Sturtevant (LANL) – Ravhi Kumar, Russell Hemley:  X-ray studies of metal phase transition kinetics

Dana Dattelbaum (LANL) – Muhtar Ahart, Russell Hemley:  EOS of novel energetic materials

Jon Belof (LLNL) – Russell Hemley: Nucleation and growth in solid-solid phase transitions

Richard Kraus (LLNL) – Russell Hemley: Fe melting curve and solidification at TPa pressures at NIF

G.W. Collins (LLE)– Russell Hemley: Quantum transitions of hydrogen at TPa pressures at Omega

Andrew Shamp (LLNL) – Tiange Bi, Eva Zurek (Buffalo): Novel high pressure Li-F-H chemistry

Tadashi Ogitsu (LLNL), Shuai Zhang (LLE) – 1.  Katie Hilleke, Eva Zurek (Buffalo): Boron at extreme conditions;  2.  Elif Ertekin (Illinois – UIUC): Shape memory alloys

Luke Shulenberger, Chris San Marchi (SNL) – Elif Ertekin (Illinois – UIUC) shape memory alloys

Blake Sturtevant (LANL) – Lowell Miyagi (Utah):  D-DIA technique development

Chris Seagle, Josh Townsend (SNL) – Steven Jacobsen, Hannah Bausch (Northwestern):  Thermodyamic properties of (Mg,Fe)O at core-mantle boundary conditions (Z Fundamental Science Program)

Blas Uberuaga (LANL) – Maik Lang, Will Cureton, Zach Chaney, John Hirtz (Tennessee):  Radiation damage in materials for nuclear energy applications

Hector Lorenzana (LLNL) – Maik Lang, Will Cureton, Zach Chaney, John Hirtz (Tennessee):  Effects of strongly ionizing radiation and coupled extremes on materials contaning nanoscale gas bubbles