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Photo of Mark, Alexander C

Alexander C Mark

Graduate Student, UIC



Building & Room:

SES 2182

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Alexander Mark is a graduate student in physics at UIC working in Thrust II. Chemical and Material Extremes. His research interests focus on the electronic and structural properties of high temperature cuprate superconductors under extreme conditions, particularly the bismuth based family of cuprates.  He uses x-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy, along with electronic transport measurements to characterize cuprate superconductors at high pressures.  Alec is also involved in the construction and maintenance of a variety of equipment in the high pressure laboratory at UIC, including the sputtering apparatus for depositing electrodes on diamond anvils for transport measurements, the inert atmosphere glove box and the design and fabrication of diamond anvil cells.  He is currently carrying out an analysis of the structural properties of BSCCO (bismuth-strontium-calcium-copper oxide) high Tc superconductors under extreme pressures.  Of particular interest is the anomalous enhancement of the superconducting transition temperature for cuprate superconductors at megabar pressures.