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Photo of Lamichhane, Anmol

Anmol Lamichhane

Graduate Student, UIC



Anmol Lamichhane is a graduate student in the physics department. He is interested in studying hydrogen-metal alloys (called hydrides) that have high superconducting transition temperature (Tc) when pressurized. The study of hydride has shown a good synergy between theory/computational techniques and experiments. Anmol is interested in applying both computationally viable techniques like density functional theory (DFT), and experimental methods, like x-ray synchrotron radiation, Raman spectroscopy, and electronic transport methods, to understand the complex physics and chemistry that give rise to superconductivity in hydrides under pressure. His most recent work is on  x-ray diffraction and DFT studies to understand structural and electronic properties of C-S-H based material that has been shown to have high superconducting Tc .