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6. Phase Transition Dynamics


The Phase Transition Dynamics thrust addresses the “grand challenge” of determining kinetics of phase transitions in materials over a broad range of time scales and the development of time-dependent, metastable phase diagrams. Work in this area is closely related to ongoing efforts in both the EOS and Elasticity and Plasticity, Strength and Deformation, and Defects and Ion Irradiation areas.  Work also includes theoretical studies, including advancing non-equilibrium molecular dynamics that is underway in collaboration with scientists at LLNL.  Studies also include experiments at NIF on Fe to 20 TPa pressures [1] .  Topics in this thrust area are also covered in the LANL workshop report mentioned above [2].

[1] R. A. Kraus, et al., Manuscript in preparation; [2] C. M. Sweeney et al., LANL Workshop Report LA-UR-20-27469 (2021).