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2. Plasticity, Strength, and Deformation


Plasticity, Strength, and Deformation is central to many problems in stewardship science.  A collaboration between the CDAC groups of Susannah Dorfman (Michigan State) and Lowell Miyagi (Utah) is revealing important connections between strength and deformation, some of which are described in the PhD thesis of CDAC student Ben Brugman (Michigan State) [1].  Recent advances have included experimental studies of deformation of Earth materials as analogs for materials behavior of systems of interest to the NNSA.  This is illustrated by the work of CDAC student  Samantha Couper (Utah), who also completed her PhD thesis and is now a postdoc at LANL [2,3], and a collaboration between the Utah group, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, and UC-Santa Cruz on the deformation behavior of garnets [4].  CDAC is also participating in the improvement of experimental techniques for radial diffraction measurements at high pressures and temperatures using resistively heated diamond anvil cells using resistive heating elements [5].  Beam time at HPCAT has also been used to develop methods for ultrafast compression texture analysis, again led by the Miyagi group with beam time at HPCAT.  CDAC partners and collaborators have contributed to a workshop focusing on data science and dynamic compression experiments [6].

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